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I remember one time long ago my cousins were having a discussion about eating while watching a movie or TV. One said, "You really don't taste what you are eating."

I never really forgot that. I think she is right. Sometimes we eat mindlessly. We are not really hungry, we just want to put something in our months, maybe we crave the CRUNCH.

This is not bad, in fact it can be rather good. Many raw foods are crunchy.

If you are a mindless eater or just a snacker, that is fine, work with it with your raw diet.

Always have a bowel of easy raw finger food handy for watching that movie, or to just reward yourself for opening the refrigerator door!

Some raw "mindless" snacks to have handy are:

cauliflower florets (sprinkle these with nutritional yeast or sea salt) cut up apples (sprinkle these with cinnamon to help prevent discoloring) turnip or jicama pieces seeds nuts raisins frozen berries

Well you get the picture...

Always have some of these snacks handy for when you want them.

The best time to prepare them is when you are not hungry. Then once you have the ready made raw snacks, they are there to grab and eat. Whether this is mindless eating or if you just want a snack, ready to eat raw finger foods will help you stay on and enjoy all of your raw diet.

Happy snacking!

Mary Jane

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