<> In doing some research into raw healers of the past I discovered some interesting facts that I would share with you.

I am sure that you heard the famous quote by Hippocrates, "Let your food be medicine and your medicine food." Did you know that Hippocrates was a raw foodist? He was! He knew the healing power of RAW FOOD!

Fast froward several hundred years to the author of Back to Eden-- Jethro Kloss. Although he was not a 100% raw foodist, he believed in the healing power of plant based foods. Here is an interesting quote: "God has provided a remedy for every disease that might afflict us. Satan cannot afflict anyone with any disease for which God has not provided a remedy. Our Creator fore-saw the wretched condition of mankind in these days, and made provision in Nature for all the ills of man."

Raw food is perfect in its natural state. One person said that she felt "ungrateful" when eating cooked food knowing how perfect raw food was for their body.

Today give special thanks to God for His provision of raw food!

To your good health!

Mary Jane

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