It is a bit early to wish you a new year but I want to encourage you to take this new month as a new start (if needed) for your raw food diet.

I just had a co-worker compliment me on my site and tell me that her Mother has been an off and on raw vegan for the last several years She further says, "She loves how she feels when she eats that way." This warms my heart! It is so nice to have an unsolicited comment about what I am trying to encourage others to do and how good they feel when they follow the raw diet plan.

I can totally understand the "on and off" part of my co-worker's comment. So I am here to encourage you to be more "on" than "off". Maybe you can make that your December's Resolution? ;)

Need some "raw" ideas? Check out the raw living food recipes.

For YOUR health's sake, eat well!

Mary Jane

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