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20 Healthy Treats and Snacks - A Grift for YOU!
August 15, 2012


I was mulling over the fact that when you are trying to eat healthy, whether you are totally raw or not, there are not a lot of snacks. Personally raw snacks can be a meal for me. I love grab and go foods. Mindless, healthy and delicious eating, that is ME!

Now the problem is that finding raw treats and snacks can be a challenge at times. Sometime we want a healthy snack that is more than just raw fruit. Raw food bars, which I totally adore by the way, can get rather expensive.

So when I found this e-book of 20 Healthy Raw Treats and Snacks I grabbed it! Best of all I grabbed a copy for each of you too! Here is your copy, just download 20 Healthy Raw Treats and Snacks and enjoy!

In other news...

A friend of mine shared with me this article where a farmer used raw milk to lose weight. Not only did I find the article very informative, I liked that he also used kombucha and kefir too.I intend to print this article out for another friend of mine who felt that raw milk would make her GAIN weight!

Until next time...

Eat well,

Mary Jane

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