Do you enjoy health food stores as much as I do? I feel that just about everything in a health food store is good or at least "better" for your body and I can enjoy buying or even window shopping without having to worry much about reading and figuring out labels!

The problem with health food stores is that they tend to be PRICEY! So it was with great joy that while researching some topic for Raw Food Diet Magazine that I stumbled upon the fantastic site of iHerb.

This is a super health food store with all of your favorite products at one place AND all are discounted!

They offer products like the full line of Garden of Life raw vitamins and minerals, stevia, PURE brand raw bars, Just Tomatoes brand dried tomatoes, nutritional yeast, raw almond butter, for those who want healthy cooked grains, Bob's Red Mill products and MUCH MUCH more!

They don't advertise except by word of mouth, but for people like you and I <>, this is a great place to shop to stock up on raw pantry items.

They offer free fast shipping and to get $5.00 MORE off your first order just use the coupon code UME524.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from all of the healthy goodness from iHerb as much or even more than I do!

Eat Well!

Mary Jane

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