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Eat More Raw!
July 10, 2013

Raw Food International Day

Are you ready to celebrate! July 11, 2013 is the 3rd International Raw Food Day. It is the perfect time to GO Raw for the day! Sound tough? It’s not! Sound like you’ll be hungry? You won’t! I can give you plenty of ideas and recipes from the raw food diet magazine pages. You will feel better and more energetic, and the idea is to add in more raw foods to your diet.

I am planning to have a few friends over for a raw food potluck to celebrate and share some raw food eats. I invited a few of my good friends and asked if they would bring a raw dish to share. This is a great day to bring awareness of the benefits of raw foods.

Some Ideas:

- Have your own raw food get together.

- Have your children come up with a raw food menu for a picnic or meal.

- Post a link to this newsletter on your facebook.

- Get a group of girlfriends together and have a raw food day together sharing your recipes, etc.

- Try a new smoothie recipe.

- Make a raw food snack bar and take some to work and share.

- Try a new raw food dish - here are some recipes to try: Raw Food Recipes

This is a great way to share the love of raw foods with people you care about. Plus it is always fun to have a reason to get together to celebrate with friends or family and talk about the ways that you try to bring in raw foods to your daily life.

Above all, enjoy the day and the benefits of eating raw!


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