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Eat More Raw!
April 18, 2014

April Renewl

April is finally here! It is my favorite time of year. I have been getting out for some walks and hikes, and getting the garden ready for the season. I love seeing the buds on plants and trees, the little lady bugs and bees on the plants and soaking up some much needed sunshine.

Most of us have been lacking getting the much needed Vitamin D over the past 6 months from the best source, the sun. Many of us cover our skin and put on sunscreen to block the UVL's and we wonder why we don't feel so happy. For those of us who do not consume animal products, we must get the nutrient from the sun or supplement. Getting 20 minutes of sunshine each day on as many parts of the skin as possible is the way nature intended. You will be dumping those blues before you long and singing happier tunes.

What I love about winter is the time to read more books. I belong to a book club and I collect an assortment of nonfiction and holistic books.

One of the books I read on my health journey that became very influential for me was “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins, written in 1987. It still is a classic that I recommend for people wanting to understand the food industry and how it affects us and the planet.

John Robbins was the heir to Baskin Robbins, yes, that ice cream company. But he did not believe it was a healthy direction for his health or our one planet. So John Robbins went his own direction and he has written several books over the years to share the important message for health and for our planet.

John Robbin's son Ocean Robbins, is very active in the health movement promoting awareness on GMOs and many other issues.

This year the son and father duo are organizing a special Internet event that I feel is the BEST line-up of experts on health and wellness. I hope you will take the time to listen in and share this with friends as the information is so important to our health and our one planet.

It is easy to join the summit and you will get over 25 interviews with amazing speakers, including several celebrities! Free. Check it out here All the interviews are all being conducted by John Robbins personally. Here is a short list of some of the experts:

-Mark Hyman, MD — How to Detox, Burn Fat and Thrive -Dean Ornish, MD — Add Years to Life and Life to Years -Caldwell Esselstyn, MD — How You Can Be Heart-Attack Proof -Jane Goodall, PhD - The Human-Animal Bond -Neal Barnard, MD — Power Foods That Help You Thrive -T. Colin Campbell, Ph. D The Science of Food and Healing -Alicia Silverstone — How to Live a Kind Life -Woody Harrelson - From the Heart -Robert Lustig, MD - Sugar: the Sweet Killer

Also: JJ Virgin, Mac David, Vani Hari, Amy Goodman, and many others!

I endorse it highly. Make sure to register today to get access to the summit.

Best of all: it’s free, but only if you register in advance. To sign up for the summit: Enjoy the April renewal spring season. I encourage you to plant some seeds in your garden and watch them grow into delicious, edible produce.


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